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 Poeticallyimgifted Entertainment and services hopes to bring you all that you need plus more. We are confident that our staff will meet your desires in poetry and song writing.

We are also introducing our Imgifed movement. Allowing people to display their individual gifts. With hats and apparel.


Beautiful Beads and Things

We are now in partnership with Beautiful Beads and Things. Featuring custom made jewelry. 


Situation of man

Most don't understand the situation of man. While teeter tottering on insanity with his life in his hands. But God made me and still I suffer and cry like a baby. People are like scabies. They get under your skin faking they're men, but there's no cure for dumb people rabies. Life is no game but most try to play me. No longer am I a soldier but they try to slay me. I have never been a fish but they still fillet me. Bones on the ground constantly breaking me down hands around my throat hoping that I cant make a sound. Choking me making it hurt we fight and we curse as if its rehearsed. And that makes it worse. Because you hearing me now I'm pulling the plow and the yoke is so strong you wondering how I carried this vow. They are draining me now. But there's more blood for the leech the lessons you teach the ascensions I reach but in this lesson I preach. From the dust of the ground a star has been lifted the words of the wise I have now sifted the momentum has changed the tide has been shifted. All of this to say Poetically I'm gifted


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